Want to progress to the Architect level? What sets a part an Architect from a Senior software engineer? What does it take to get there? Naissus is your chance to know (and grow).

Who are we?

  • Dedicated .NET & Angular professionals
  • Experts focusedon modern technologies
  • Developers building software for the FinTech industry
  • Colleagues collaborating with clients primarily based in New York since 2009
  • A rock-solid software engineering team that consists of both experts with 10+ years in the field, as well as young talents

Why is it fun to work for us?

  • Full life-cycle development of a project
  • Working on web, mobileand desktop apps based on API services
  • Being a part of a team (2-6 members), that consists of BE, FE and QA teammates
  • Respecting clean architecture and writing REST API
  • Chance to develop towardthe architectural level through mentoring
  • Possibility to connect with the business side of our company and collaborate with clients

For this position you will require:

  • Previous experience of active work in .NET
  • Understanding of C# .NET (.NET Framework & .NET Core)
  • Azure and Azure DevOps CI/CD is considered a plus
  • Efficient usage of the English language(both written and spoken)

But equally important is that you:

  • Have an engineering mindset
  • Are dedicated to creative work & learning
  • Care about quality and clean code
If you are a coding enthusiast, seize the opportunity to work with a team of exceptional engineers and apply for the position!
Send your CV at jobs@naissus.tech now.