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Gold Bullion International

GBI took off as a startup in 2009, bringing to the world a promise of trading & physically owning precious metals.

The challenge / problem

We were tasked with building a trading engine from scratch, one that would be flexible enough for the complex precious metals trading flows and allow for high automation & observability.

The approach / solution

Within 1 year, the platform took off and started receiving orders, reaching a million-dollar turnover per day. As the client base grew, we focused on automating and allowed the company to keep running smoothly with only a handful of employees.

Over the years, we've integrated with some of the leading world-class financial institutions for pricing, trading, KYC, AML, etc.

The result

GBI is now working with dozens of LBMA-approved precious metal dealers, storing, and delivering metal from dozens of vaults spread out across the globe, and NT is still GBl's preferred technology partner. We have outgrown the infrastructure and needed to migrate to a new data center. Dozens of microservices on multiple environments were flawlessly migrated in phases with little to no downtime to the business. We've also introduced high availability, increased observability, automated backups & hit aggressive business continuity targets.

Ten years into the partnership,
the business is still expanding, now into cryptocurrencies, and enabling the business for the migration to the Azure Cloud. Having become the subject matter experts, we keep growing with our Client...

I have been a client of Naissus technologies for over ten years. In my 30+ years of developing software systems, I have not encountered a more talented or professional outfit.

They are a pleasure to work with. The designs are insightful. Their implementation is clean and elegant. When deadlines come, they are willing to put in the extra to hit them. If some emergency comes up, they are on the phone @ 2:00 AM in the morning helping to solve it.

I could not ask for a better vendor and I doubt you could find one better. I strongly recommend. If you have any questions or would like to discuss this reference in more detail, please feel free to contact me.

Peter Custer


Bricknode is an innovative, cloud-based platform for the financial industry, a company that wants to "put the Fun in finance" as they like to say it. Starting in 2010, it is now a member of Untie Group, a personal finance platform, a mobile bank of the future.

Both Bricknode & Untie were founded by Stefan Willebrand, a serial entrepreneur, with whom we met in 2016, discussing the challenges.

The challenge / problem

Bricknode has been running for years with an in-house development team but needed to grow fast, mainly building applications in the form of web portals that run on top of the existing core. The business also needed a wider skill set while the in-house team was highly focused on the business logic.

The Approach / Solution

Naissus did not mind starting small and initially working on less important aspects of the system as it was the best way to learn about the existing components of the system as well as the business itself.

Being a good technology stack match, with years' long prior experience in Fintech, having an engineering mindset, as well as being nearshore & English-fluent, Naissus brought immediate relief & quickly became the reliable leverage to scale the business.

The result

Naissus quickly became Bricknode's preferred software development partner and started building application services on top of Bricknode's financial core. We were quick to learn about the existing core so that we can collaborate on software designs with the in-house team.

Over the course of years, Naissus has brought to life about a dozen of web applications, all based on Bricknode's core and integrated into the existing ecosystem.

Applications include:

  • Integrations with large Swedish financial institutions (KYC/AML, Banks, Clearing)
  • Core add-on features (Broker, Advisor, Subscription, Fund, Interest, Position)
  • Core updates (legislative MiFID 2 EU directive) In 2019, Bricknode joined Untie Group as its umbrella company, and our already battle-tested team was engaged to build a financial savings portal from the ground up:
  • Untie Deposits, a registered depository institution under the Swedish financial supervisory authority. Starting small, through 3rd party API integrations & building value-added services to the existing platform, to building entire new platforms, Naissus keeps growing with its partner and serving with excellence.
We have worked with Naissus technologies for several years and I can highly recommend the company. They have an incredibly good attitude and are flexible in finding the best solutions for us.
It is great security for us to have Naissus as consultants when we need to.

Erik Hagelin
Partner @ Bricknode