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Aidline provides fast and appropriate care for everyone, working 24/7 to meet patients’ needs and save doctors’ time.
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AIDLINE is a virtual assistant that can be easily added to the existing phone lines and can manage hundreds of parallel calls made on a single line. In addition, AIDLINE:

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Answers FAQs.
Understands speech, recognizes caller intent, and answers in a clear voice.
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Informs about symptoms and health conditions.
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Gathers information and schedules services.

What can Aidline do?

A smart healthcare virtual assistant
  • Clinic’s existing phone lines are forwarded to AIDLINE
  • AIDLINE handles hundreds of parallel calls
  • Provides ZERO wait times
  • Features natural spoken dialogue with a patient
  • Understands intents
  • Fulfills intents by taking action and talking back
  • Forwards back to human agents when needed

Startech believes in Aidline!

StarTech is a program that supports the digital transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises, managed by NALED and funded by Philip Morris. In 2021, StarTech acknowledged the potential of Aidline and trusted Naissus technologies with a grant to carry on their work in joining medicine and artificial intelligence.

Management efficiency

AIDLINE is efficient in managing information and eliminates bottlenecks:

Patients have access to information anytime - with zero wait time, provide patient data without having to physically be at the hospital front desk, and are promptly directed to the appropriate place. Services are prioritized and then scheduled according to those priorities. 

Doctors get information on time, which makes it possible to better organize and have fewer obligations because AIDLINE provides and accepts information and schedules a larger number of visits. Routine actions are automated so that medical professionals can dedicate their time to key tasks. 

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