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We work as a team, but each of us has a different role in the company. See how different positions contribute to the teamwork.

Backend Engineer

Our Backend engineers work on the .NET (.NET Framework & .NET Core) platform using C#. For web apps, we use...
  • WebAPI 
  • occasionally ASP.NET MVC. 

For relationships, databases, and data management we use:

  • Entity framework 
  • Linq 
  • Microsoft SQL
  • Reporting 

For Web services, and data communication and exchange we mostly use:


but also:

  • Web Service (SOAP) 
  • WCF  

Azure cloud is almost exclusively used for hosting solutions. We write a clean code, staying true to Clean Architecture, which was designed according to Domain-Driven Design, Service-Oriented Architecture & Microservice Architecture. Every team includes a QA, but despite of their help, our engineers perform some tests on their own as well.

Angular Engineer

An Angular engineer at our company has the responsibility of implementing user interfaces according to best practices and modern designs.

Our frontend engineers work on the Angular platform, using:

  • JavaScript 
  • TypeScript. 

Since our Backend team is dedicated to Clean Architecture, it is important for our FE programmers to be aware of the notion as well. 

We primarily focus on using:

  • Angular Material 
  • UI components

But we are no strangers to:

  • Ionic/Cordova for mobile apps  
  • Syncfusion
  • DevExtreme  
  • Telerik

Our FE engineers work on projects in a team including BE engineers and at least one QA tester, but it is their responsibility to perform some tests on their own regardless of the QA help. Same goes for the UI/UX designer – if they are in a team, great, but if not, that’s also fine because our Angular engineers are familiar with UI and are also ready to adhere to the client’s ideas and suggestions.

Software Automation Engineer in Test (SAET)

A Software Automation Engineer in Test is a crucial part of every team. Their responsibility is to collaborate with other engineers and perform detailed tests in order to ensure the functionality, quality, performance, and security of software products.

The Programming languages our SAET's use are:
  • C# 
  • TypeScript 
  • JavaScript

Apart from those, they use the following test frameworks:

  • NUnit 
  • MsTest
  • SpecFlow
  • Cypress
  • Protractor 
  • Jasmine
  • Appium

The platforms used in testing are the following:

  • BrowserStack for manual & automated cross browser testing 
  • Percy for cross browser visual testing 

In addition, SAET's at Naissus use various tools such as:

  • JMeter for performance, soak & stress testing 
  • Postman for API testing
  • LightHouse for Accessibility testing

The plan is to soon develop the tool and the team for usability testing.

UI/UX Designer

Being a designer at Naissus implies being in charge of two roles – that of a UI/UX designer and of a graphic designer.

The former includes working on a project in a team, side by side with a FE engineer and designing UI components according to the client’s request and the guidance of Material Design.

The latter consists of designing posters, leaflets, and other marketing material, either for social networks, printing or various internal projects, where the designers work closely with the Support team.

Both roles use Figma as the main tool for designing. In addition, our graphic designers are tasked with creating and maintaining our company’s website, for which they use Webflow.

Scrum Master

The role of the Scrum Master can be intertwined with various projects within the company, and depending on the project, SM can be a part of different teams.

The main tools our Scrum Master uses are:

  • GitLab
  • Azure DevOps
  • Jira

On the projects, SM works closely with the team lead, and FE and BE engineers. Their responsibility in those cases includes making sure that the team stays on track, removing all tasks not directly related to the project – meeting with the clients where no engineering knowledge is needed, creating tasks and managing them, taking care of the board and scrum processes such as sprints, planning, backlog, etc.

At Naissus, SM is directly connected to the Support team, where they manage the day-to-day tasks and perform similar activities, just for a little less technical team.

Project Manager

Project Manager is responsible for successfully leading, planning, and implementing projects, ensuring that goals are achieved within specified timelines and budgets.

Support Team

The Support Team is a team that is responsible for non-engineering activities. It includes the following roles – Scrum Master, Graphic Designer, HR, and Marketing.

Human Resources – The HR Manager is in charge of the recruitment processes, employer branding, and employer retention. Strategically, their job includes establishing HR processes and procedures. However, it goes without saying that HR is closely connected to all company members, and performs tasks on a daily basis.

Marketing – Marketing Specialist takes on the duty of managing the company’s Linkedin, Facebook and Instagram profiles, including posting updates and keeping track of the analytics. Since our Clients are for the most part international, at Naissus the MS’s function also includes translating texts, as well as writing copy for various sources (usually internal projects).

Team Lead

A Team lead needs to have skills and knowledge to be able to monitor and guide their coworkers to maximize productivity and motivation.

Team leads are there to lead and supervise their team on a project. Apart from coding, distributing tasks and setting deadlines, TL’s responsibilities are also client-oriented. These include communicating with clients and reviewing their assignments, all with the goal of delivering best quality product while at the same time making sure the team is well-organized.


Did you know you can grow with Naissus as an intern? We offer internship programs to young, talented students who are interested in learning and sharing knowledge.

So, what exactly are the benefits of being a Naissus intern?

Learn from the best

You will be under the mentorship of phenomenal engineers. With more then 7 years of average seniority, our colleagues have immense knowledge that they are more than happy to pass on to our new teammates and help them work out any problem they encounter.

Career Development

We know it sounds harsh to say that you are expected to be responsible and reliable at any time, but what we’re trying to say is that we invest in future leaders, and we prepare you for more incredible things.

If you are on our team, it means we believe there’s a great career ahead of you.

Hands-on work experience

You will be under the mentorship of phenomenal engineers. 

With more than 7 years of average seniority, our colleagues have immense knowledge that they are more than happy to pass on to our new teammates and help them work out any problem they encounter.

When in a team, there are colleagues that depend on you, deadlines to meet, and new projects to jump into. You won’t just look at this from afar. 

You will have the chance to experience the buzz of a work environment and be exposed to the day-to-day challenges of working on real projects.

our culture

Build a Community rather
than a brand

A company is more than just people getting the job done. It's about people loving what they do.

We may work hard, but we never find it hard to work.

We understand that great focus brings great results and achievements. That is why Naissus nurtures a flexible working atmosphere to help coworkers find balance between flexing their minds and relaxing their minds.

Don’t think we’re all work and no play!

Apart from our coffee hangouts and chit-chats, our coworkers love to share and celebrate happy moments, so don’t be surprised when you see your colleague bring in a couple of six-packs (of apple juice, of course).


It's about you

Our people matter. That is why it is important that our coworkers find it enjoying to be a part of the Naissus team.

servant leadership

True leaders grow by growing others. Based job security with continuous employment opportunities for growth.

job stability & professional growth

A dedicated support network that empowers employees to raise concerns and seek guidance.

Servant Leadership

True leaders grow by growing others. Empowered team members produce quality work.

Job stability

Performance-based job security with continuous opportunities for learning and growth.

Career development
Work-life balance
Onboarding period
Private Health Insurance
Flexible working hours
Birthday gift card
Pleasant atmosphere
Gaming room