Communicate with respect to the client's time, all around the world.

Always give the right amount of information.

Value transparency and being to the point.

Speak with near-native fluency in both verbal & written forms, technical & non-technical terms.


Business approach

Communication is first & foremost. We are active listeners and we...

Our know-how

We are proud of the skills we have acquired during the decade-long journey in the outsourcing business. Our specialized knowledge and experience include:
.NET Solutions

Multiplatform .NET solutions, web, desktop & mobile, Xamarin

Azure Cloud

Azure Cloud solutions - full DevOps approach

Angular Solutions

Angular solutions - Web (SPA, PWA) & mobile (Cordova/Ionic)

Agile / Scrum

We understand the benefits of this method, and follow its principles when needed

FIX Protocol

Working knowledge, relatively rare on the market

QA Services

Selenium & Appium testing, Unit test coverage, Stress testing

Business analysis

We will take your idea and help turn it into a step-by-step business plan

Strong Architecture

DDD, SOA, CQRS, Event-Driven Architecture, Microservices

UI/UX design

Product design development (Web, Apps, and even branding and marketing)


Growing Through Different Fields

We are highly knowledgeable in Fintech, but have also done noticeable work in Health, Services and Real estate.