Experts in their Field

Naissus technologies is an outsourcing company founded in 2018, with a team that holds 10+ years of experience in the field of financial software (the FinTech industry). We are dedicated .NET & ANGULAR professionals who build tailor-made information systems - our fields of expertise include FIX protocol & Microservice architecture. 

Naissus engineers cover a wide range of uses and efficiently build multiplatform (Windows, Linux, macOS) desktop, web and mobile (Android, iOS) apps. Our solutions are integrated into some of the largest financial institutions. We have satisfied clients located on 4 continents.

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Perfect location

Eastern Europe is a perfect outsourcing location. We are in the CET time zone, but a global provider. Nearshore for Europeans, offshore for Americans & Australians, Serbia is a homeland of technologically minded people, with high work ethics and strong English skills.

The City of Nis, known as a tech city from the 60s of the XX century, is a cradle of excellent universities and thousands of people with engineering in their DNA.

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We are just about far enough to get your outsourcing more cost-effective
We share a similar work culture to people from the US and Western Europe
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cooperation is key

Naissus technologies is a software engineering sweet spot between quality, speed & cost. We are a one stop source for mobile, web & desktop multiplatform applications.
Put your ideas in motion quickly...

...without having to hire multiple teams - our skilled team is ready to take on even the most difficult challenges. 

Get to know us & be on the safe side...

...flexible pricing plans during an onboarding period, until we make sure we are the right fit.

Start out strong, save later, no surprises...

...using our international experience, we will help you plan the architecture from the get-go.


the team that delivers

We value honesty and openness, which is why we think it is important to discuss not only mutual success but also errors and different opinions.
djordje mitic, CEO, naissus
Djordje Mitić
CEO / Owner
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ivan krasic, CTO naissus
Ivan Krasić
COO / Co-founder
marko stojiljkovic, naissus
Marko Stojiljković
PM / Co-founder
Dragana Jevtic Mitic, Naissus
Dragana Jevtić-Mitić
"My dream is to leave a professional and personal mark on the world by engineering highly reliable and usable software. With smart engineering mindset and technology (and less politics), we could make the world a better place. We have been there for all our clients, as they were there for us. We will be there for you as well - beyond contracts and legal agreements, even if it means going the extra mile or two.

It’s a promise.

Let’s grow through insight, imagination & commitment."
Djordje Mitic, CEO

Who we are and why we're doing this?

We think of software engineering as our reason for being, our core, our ikigai. As such, we find it rewarding, and we love it! We grow together with our team, our clients & the world through:


Having an engineering mindset means taking the right steps towards an abundant future & thriving humanity. We are committed to a lifetime of learning & fully understanding the topics we choose to engage in.

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Imagination is the basis of all progress. As engineers, we follow best practices, but not blindly. We constantly steer our imagination towards better solutions, focusing on improving by orders of magnitude - we want to live smarter, not harder.

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We recognize no one is perfect & the path to mastery is eternal. While we value what we already know, we value more our ability to learn fast. We readily accept challenges and grow in our field of expertise in order to solve them.