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In today’s fast-paced business world, recruitment has become the key building block for success for any kind of organization. If carefully chosen, great employees are the foundation of an accomplished team, visibly creating a difference between before and after they were employed. But how exactly does one find those people who fulfill the needs and the vision of an organization?

In this blog, I will guide you through the recruitment process at Naissus tech, describing the strategies and techniques we use with the goal of making an optimal choice. Whether you’ve already applied for one of our positions or are a recruiter yourself, you will undoubtedly find these lines useful or at least interesting.

At the very beginning

It doesn’t hurt to mention that every process starts with the analysis of current needs and long-term goals, sometimes even unconsciously – in other words, we know what we want, which is, as all would agree, a prerequisite to finding what you are searching for.

CV as in Carefully Viewing your resumes

After we’ve created a job ad, and have your CV in front of us, we move on to carefully examining it as a team, and trying to figure out who you are as a whole, by looking at data pieces. (Of course, it’s a great idea to have a well-written CV, but the most important thing is to demonstrate the exact same information in person, when given the opportunity 😉).

Now that we’ve seen what we need in a CV, we will email you to invite you to an interview! We know this is usually the moment you start feeling a little jittery, but in our case, this interview is simply a mutual conversation where we exchange information on various topics. Our team decided that this initial interview would be done over Zoom, whereas we like to use our second interview to meet candidates face-to-face.

The first and second interviews

Do you sometimes feel like people are just reinventing the wheel? They are working on innovations just for the sake of it, not because all of them are truly necessary. They are introducing tests, processes, and procedures, so that they exist, and well, simply because someone somewhere said they should exist, and not because they are really necessary. Processes and procedures can indeed be important, but when there are too many of them and when they exist only for the sake of existing, they can be an impediment rather than a help. And that is exactly what we believe in when it comes to job interviews.

That’s why you won’t encounter classic personality and skill tests at our interviews.

The interviews at Naissus tech are a crucial part of the selection process, but our approach is a little different. We believe in authenticity and want to create a safe space where our applicants can show their real capabilities and personality. Instead of the standard personality and skill tests, we tend to focus on communication that goes beyond trivial information.

We do our best to ask the questions that will give candidates the space to show how they would fit into our team, solve problems, and contribute to our collective. The goal is for us to understand candidates’ real motivation, values, cooperation, and teamwork.

We believe in the importance of transparency, so we make sure to provide information about our company, work environment, and team dynamic during the interview. We want the candidates to develop a clear image of what they can expect if they become a part of Naissus tech.

Also, we are always happy to hear about the person sitting across the table, not just as a tech person, but a complete person, who might be great at playing the drums, or the guitar, is a great sportsperson, or does any other creative or maybe less creative activities, which is all fine, because, after all, we value differences and emphasize the phrase “there are no wrong answers”.

After the first interview comes the evaluation phase, and it plays an important role because the process involves reviewing the impressions and information gathered during the first interview. As a result, we either send an invitation for another interview, this time in person, or we sometimes come to the conclusion that we are not a great fit, at least not at that moment.

If you believe that every first interview is a piece of cake and the second one is a warzone, we’ll certainly prove you wrong! The second interview can be focused on a deeper examination of specific skills and situational scenarios, but it is still relaxed and conversational and tries to break down the information from the first interview, with more highlights given to tech skills. Of course, with a warm cup of coffee – we are great hosts, after all.

Another important thing is that we always try to respect our candidates’ time, and book interviews so that they fit everyone’s schedules. The same goes for the replies – we understand that waiting is sometimes worse than getting a negative reply, so we make sure to get back to applicants as soon as we are able to, and end the suspense.

Are we a mutual fit? Congrats!

Making the final decision is not just our responsibility. We encourage potential employees to ask questions so that together we can make the most favorable decision about whether we are a good fit for each other.

At Naissus, recruitment isn’t just a process, it’s a chance to create a cooperation that benefits both sides. We believe that great people really do make a difference, and always look forward to the opportunity to find individuals that will contribute to the success of our company and build a future with us.

Oh yes, and if there are potential or current applicants among the readers, we sure hope you’ve moved from the “guest” to the “member” status! In that case, you will be going through the onboarding process, but more on that in one of the future blogs.

Bojana Stojiljković

12 January 2024