Naissus technologies wins IT Football League++ 2023

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We won the IT League++!

Guess what? We did it! Our team won the annual IT Football League!

We may be successful engineers by day, but on the football field, we are a coordinated and focused team of serious football players. This year, once again, the League proved that engineers can dominate the sports realm too!

About the League

League++ was founded by Nenad Ilić in 2018, after noticing an increased interest in a number of IT companies to play football after work, during the week.

It made sense then to bring the IT community together and create something where all the IT companies could participate, hang out, and get to know each other, have a great time, and help strengthen the community.

And so, the IT football league of Nis, League++ came to be. The League does not only have the purpose of uniting the IT companies from Niš, but also helping the city and those in need. That’s why the League has a humanitarian goal – all the participants agree to financially support an institution of their choice that is in need.

Every Victory Demands Grit

We had big shoes to fill – we were last year’s winners and so we had a great responsibility to prove that we only got better. And prove we did!

The team was very serious about getting ready for the League – from practicing during the week to trying out different tactics and building the team spirit.

Both the qualifications and the eliminatory rounds were a challenge since we had great opponents, and played exceptional football.

As the winning team (our golden boys, as we like to call them) raised their golden football cup in the air, we were reminded that our teamwork and unity transcend the office walls. We celebrated not just a victory on the field, but also the bond we have as colleagues and friends.

Ready for next year

To us, the IT Football League is never just about the match; it is the proof of our team spirit and rock-solid determination to succeed.

We can’t wait for the next season of the League, and we promise to come as ready and focused as ever. So, League++, count us in!

Ana Filipović

23 October 2023