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You know how there are some moments in your youth that you will remember for the rest of your life, like getting your first pet or meeting your favorite celebrity? Well, for us at Aidline, HIMSS was that celebrity! Realizing that we were going to HIMSS was the evidence that we succeeded in creating something we are so proud of, that we want to show it to the rest of the health and tech world.

What is HIMSS?

HIMSS (The Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society) is a non-profit organization with the idea to bring together companies that are the best at combining technology and management systems and the healthcare industry.

HIMSS offers services that help other organizations provide cost-effective and high-quality healthcare to patients and easy-to-use technology for medical facilities. But what HIMSS is most famous for is its conference – where all the key players come to display their innovative products and maybe acquire some contacts and partnerships.

Why we were there?

Aidline is a virtual voice assistant that can manage hundreds of calls at the same time since it can be easily integrated into clinics’ phone lines. Aidline was created with the purpose of making the first contact with healthcare facilities easier for both patients and medical staff.

Aidline is the “middleman” between clinics and patients, which means that it does a great deal of work, making it possible for medical staff to focus on other tasks with greater priority and reducing busy lines down to zero.

To put it in plain words, when a patient first calls a clinic, instead of waiting ages for a busy staff member to pick up, they get redirected to Aidline. Aidline then provides services such as appointment scheduling, symptom analysis, answering FAQs after conversing with a patient for a few minutes, and asking them questions so that their intent is understood completely.

Aidline is a voice assistant, which means that patients don’t have to text a chatbot, but can have a real-time conversation with an AI assistant that understands what you are saying and answers in a clear, nearly human voice.

“...Aidline was created with the purpose of making the first contact with healthcare facilities easier for both patients and medical staff.”

Aidline is a healthy mix of technology and medicine, and it seemed only fair it gets its place at the HIMSS23 conference, which was organized in Chicago, IL, from the 17th to the 21st of April.

So, our coworkers Danilo (AI product manager & partner) and Milan (VP of AI development & partner) – and Aidline – packed their suitcases, put on their Aidline sweaters, and headed toward Chicago.

Booth #6009-67

Finally, after a long journey and a massive jet lag (but nothing a Deep Dish Chicago pizza can’t fix), we were at the HIMSS conference building, at Booth #6009-67 – our booth.

Our main goal at HIMSS was to find potential clients and partners that shared our vision, but also to promote Aidline and make sure it is seen and remembered.

How did we do that? Well, by letting Aidline introduce itself. Whoever came to our booth had a chance to talk with Aidline and understand better what it has to offer.

We couldn’t be happier about the outcome and the feedback and praises we received from all the health and tech professionals that approached us, most of them wanting to have a little chat with Aidline, but some of them being genuinely amazed at how much our young team has achieved so far.

“Whoever came to our booth had a chance to talk with Aidline and understand better what it has to offer.”

Although exhausted from a week-long journey, the team came back with so many great stories and new knowledge to share from the windy city.

We’ll be back!

From Microsoft, Cerner, AthenaHealth, and other big shots in the world of health and tech, it was an honor and a pleasure to be part of this conference and share experiences with all the other participants.

Now that we’ve experienced what it’s like to be in the midst of the HIMSS Hall of fame, there is no Chicago wind that can stop us from returning to the busy building filled with knowledge and innovation. See you next year, HIMSS!

Ana Filipović

29 June 2023